Dar An Cushion

how to make up the back of the Dar An Kilim Cushion

cushion fabric cutting diagram

Step 1

From your co-ordinating fabric cut 1 x Front piece, 2 x Back pieces and 1 x Facing to the dimensions given in the pattern

remembering to add 2 cm ( 3/4 in ) seam allowance.



 dar ansbs1

Step 2

Turn a hem on both Back pieces using a warm iron to create a crease

 kilim cushion sbs2

Step 3

Then use a sewing machine to sew a double line of stitches as shown by the dotted lines in the picture on the left.

kilim cushion sbs4


Step 4

For the Facing fold both edges towards the centre and press with the iron and set aside whilst you make the button

loops using this super fast method....

kilim cushion sbs7

Step 5

Cut 2 x 125 cm ( 49.25 inch ) lengths of yarn C, hold together, knot at one end and sellotape to a flat surface...

I used my desk.

kilim cushion sbs8

Step 6

Tape the other end of the yarns to the tip of an electric drill or screwdriver.

Stand away from the desk so that the yarn is fully outstretched then switch on the drill / screwdriver to twist

the yarn until the cord begins to twist back on itself.

Even out the cord and knot at one end to prevent it from untwisting.

kilim cushion sbs10

Step 7

From this long cord make 3 x smaller cords each 12 cm (4.75 inch) long and secured at each end with a knot.

kilim cushion sbs5


Step 8

Next lay the Back piece face down so that the wrong side of the folded hem is facing upwards.

kilim cushion sbs11

Step 9

Then position the button loops so they're evenly spaced along the opening edge & place the Facing on top

with the hems downwards.

Make sure the folds are matched at the opening edges then pin in place.

Pin the opposite edge of the Facing in place to the Back to secure.

kilim cushion sbs12

Step 1o

Sew a double row of stitches along the opening edge to secure the loops in place then sew the other side of the Facing in place.

Next with the right side of the Front facing upwards, lay the remaining Back piece on top

so that the right sides are matched and there is a 10 cm ( 4 inch ) overlap at the centre opening.

Use the sewing machine to sew the side seams and turn right side out before sewing buttons

in place to match the position of the loops.

Finally put the cover onto the cushion pad and fasten the buttons so that cushion shape is

nice and full then hand sew the knitted piece in place.