Hanger & Lavander Set Free Pattern




A          Lana Grossa Soffice*                    sh 08              x           1           50g

( 62% merino extrafine, 28% acrylic, 10% cashmere 130 m (142 yards ) per 50 g ball)                          

B          Lana Grossa Merino 2000            sh         65 x           1           50g

( 100% Merino wool, 160 m ( 176 yards ) per 50 g ball)

* Although Soffice is no longer available I’ve given the metreage etc to make finding a substitute easier )


Also needed

One padded hanger

Six small shell buttons; 2 x dark blue, 2 x lime green, 2 x pale turq

Dried lavender



32 sts and 42 rows to 10 cm measured over moss & slip stitch pattern using

4.00 mm needles



K—knit P—purl st(s) - stitch(es) rs—right side

Ws—wrong side K2tog—knit 2 sts together

P2tog—purl 2 sts together tbl—through back of loop yf—yarn forward

Sl1 wyib—slip stitch with yarn at back of work

Sl 1 wyif—slip stitch with yarn in front of work


Knitting the Hanger

Using 3.75 mm needles and Yarn A cast on 123 sts and work in rib as follows;

Row 1: ( P3, k3) to last 3 sts, P3

Row 2: ( K3, p3) to last 3 sts, k3

Row 3: As Row 1

Row 4 ( Buttonhole row) : * Rib 15 sts, p2tog, yf, p1; rep from * to last 15 sts, rib to end

Work 2 more rows in rib as set by rows 1 & 2

Change to 4.00 mm needles and begin moss & slip stitch pattern as follows;

Row 1: Using Yarn A, ( k1, p1) to last st, k1

Row 2: As Row 1

Row 3: Do not break off Yarn A join in Yarn B  ( k1, sl 1 wyib) to last st, k1

Row 4: ( P1, sl 1 wyif) to last st. p1

Repeat these 4 rows a further 8 times then Rows 1 & 2 once more ( 38 rows

total) Change back to 3.75 mm needles and break off Yarn B. Work 6 rows in rib as at other end of work, Cast off in rib


Knitting the Lavender bag

Using Yarn B and 3.75 mm needles cast on 65 sts. Break off Yarn B, join in Yarn A and work in rib as follows;

Row 1: P1, ( k3, p3) to last 4 sts, k3, p1

Row 2: K1, ( p3, k3) to last 4 sts, p3, k1

Repeat these 2 rows twice more ( 6 rows total).

Row 7 ( Lace hole row): P1, * k2tog, yf, k1, p3; rep from * to last 4 sts, k2tog, yf, k1, p1

Row 8: As Row 2

Change to 4.00 mm needles and work in moss & slip stitch pattern as for hanger for 36 rows.

Work 2 more rows in moss stitch

Next row: K2tog, k31, fold work in half so that wrong sides are matched and cast off both sets of stitches together


Finishing & Making Up


Sew in all ends and sew buttons in place alternating colours as shown in photo. Fold piece in half so that right sides are facing and cast on  / cast off edges meet. Sew sides only where striped pattern occurs. Turn work right side out and place on hanger. Fasten buttons then fold side edges inwards and sew a couple of securing stitches st each end using  photo as a guide. Sew a couple more securing stitches around metal hook of hanger to keep in place


Lavender bag

Sew in all ends and fold so that right sides are facing. Sew side seam. Make one 70 cm long twisted cord from Yarn A doubled and  thread through lace holes beginning and ending at centre front of bag.

Fill sachet with dried lavender and fasten to secure